Dakine Pickup Pad Conveniently Carries Multiple Bikes

The Dakine DLX Small Pickup Pad can safely transport up to five bicycles in the bed of a typical midsize pickup truck.It can hold up to five bikes.

Our Evaluation of the Dakine DLX Small Pickup Pad

How to transport multiple bicycles securely in a pickup truck bed.

The Dakine DLX Small Pickup Pad can safely transport up to five bicycles in the bed of a typical midsize pickup truck such as the 2018 GMC Canyon. The pad secures to the pickup truck tailgate with three adjustable straps. Additional sizes and styles are recommended for other vehicles.

The Dakine DLX Pickup Pad is a simple and effective solution to transporting bicycles in the back of a pickup truck. The pad straps onto the tailgate easily. Bicycles are secured into individual loops, preventing them from rubbing against one another. The front wheel of the bicycle does not need to be removed.

Step 1: Clean the Tailgate

Be sure the tailgate is clean. Dirt or grit trapped under the pad could scratch the truck’s paint when the vehicle is in motion. Use a spray of water and a soft towel to ensure there is no grime.

Step 2: Place Pad on Tailgate

Place pad over the tailgate with the largest part facing out. Feed the webbing straps through the bottom of the tailgate and the floor of the bed. Close the tailgate. Feed the straps through the plastic buckles that are sewn to the top of the pad. Firmly tighten the straps.

Step 3: Mount the Bikes

Lift the bicycle’s rear wheel and frame over the tailgate with the front wheel of each bike outside the tailgate, snug against the pad. When properly loaded, the front wheel of each bike will be at a sharp angle to the frame of the bicycle.

Step 4: Secure the Bikes

Wrap the tube strap around the frame. Tighten the strap to minimize unwanted movement in the truck bed. The loops provide space between each bike to prevent damage. Use a chain or cable and a strong padlock to lock each bicycle to “tie-downs” in the bed.

Test result: The Dakine Pickup Pad is Recommended by Trucks.com.

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