Our Evaluation of The Park Tool Team Issue Repair Stand

How to make major mountain bike repairs at the trail head or while camping.

Park Tool Team Issue Repair Stand is lightweight and sturdy. It packs into a convenient carrying bag that can be tossed into the bed of a pickup truck or back of an SUV.

Park Tool Team Issue Repair Stand is easy to carry and store. It provides a stable base to mount a bicycle for extensive repairs on pavement, sidewalks, campgrounds and dirt parking areas.

Step 1: Remove from carrying bag and set up

STEP 1: REMOVE FROM CARRYING BAG AND SET UP: Remove stand, spread stand legs apart and position on ground. Attach the bike micro-adjust clamp that comes with the stand.Be sure the mouth of the clamp and clamping area on bike are clean. Some will wrap a clean, soft cloth or rag around the frame before clamping.

Step 2: Lift bike to clamp

STEP 2: LIFE BIKE TO CLAMP: For a bicycle with a carbon fiber frame, generally it’s best to clamp the seat post. Steel and aluminum bikes can also be clamped on a frame tube. For questions about the best clamping position, contact the bike manufacturer or retailer.

Step 3: Tighten clamp

STEP 3: TIGHTEN CLAMP: Turn or flip the latch depending on how it is set. Turn the cam handle knob counterclockwise until jaws accommodate frame tube or seat post. Turn cam handle knob clockwise to close jaws on tube. Adjust final clamping pressure using cam handle.

Step 4: Secure the Bike

STEP 4: SECURE THE BIKE: The bike will sit securely in the stand. Basic tools such as a pedal wrench, chain tool and Park Tool portable Essential Tool kit are suitable for most repairs. The clamp of the repair stand rotates 360 degrees. Always remove the bike before adjusting the stand’s work height.

Test result: The Park Tool Team Issue Repair Stand is recommended by Trucks.com

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