Our Evaluation of the Homemade Pickup Bed Bike Rack System

How to install a bike rack in the bed of a pickup truck without drilling holes in the vehicle. There are several advantages to carrying bikes in the bed of a pickup truck. It eliminates the risk of a roof rack colliding with low clearances and carries more bikes than a hitch-mounted rack. But a rack in the bed commonly required drilling holes in the vehicle.

A homemade bike rack system designed by Dick Caley of Long Beach, Calif., uses easy–to-find hardware to secure up to five bicycles in the bed of a pickup truck without drilling holes.

With a few basic parts any biking enthusiast can build a pickup truck bed bike rack for a fraction of the cost of racks from traditional manufacturers. The rack secures to the pickup bed without screws or holes thanks to an adjustable steel bar that carries up to five bikes at a time. It is durable and secure at any speed.

Step 1: Arrange Parts

The bike rack system requires only a few basic parts: a heavy-duty adjustable steel bar available at most home improvement stores; bike fork mounts, one for each bike that will be transported; and a box of steel hose clamps. Two clamps are needed for each fork mount.

Step 2: Assemble

Adjust the bar to fit snugly against the inner walls of the bed. Fit the bike fork mounts, spaced equally apart, to the bar. On a 63-inch bar the system can fit up to five fork mounts. Pass the steel hose clamps through the fork mounts and tie them to the bar. Tighten the clamp.

Step 3: Mount the Bikes

Remove the front wheel of each bicycle. Haul them one by one into the bed of the truck. The front fork will fit into the fork mounts. Tighten the fork mount by clamping the end snug. The bike will be securely fitted to the rack system.

Test Result: Dick Caley’s Homemade Pickup Bed Bike Rack System is Recommended by Trucks.com.

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