Our Evaluation of the Trac-Grabber

How to get unstuck from snow and mud. Carry a traction device that can provide extra grip if you’ve drifted into a snow bank or ventured a little too far off road.

The Trac-Grabber is a handy piece of equipment that fits a variety of cars, trucks and ATVs. It is available in sets of two or four.

The Trac-Grabber is an effective tool. It is easy to install, and the rubber block provides grip that can pull the vehicle to safety in slippery conditions. The Trac-Grabber should only be used when necessary and is not designed for driving on clear roads.

Step 1: Choose the Right Size

STEP 1: CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZE: Trac-Grabber has different products to fit sedans, light trucks, heavily modified trucks and even ATVs. Before you leave on an adventure, find the size of your tires (printed on the sidewalls) and select the Trac-Grabber that fits best.

Step 2: Loop the Trac-Grabber through the vehicle’s spokes

STEP 2: LOOP THE TRAC-GRABBER THROUGH THE VEHICLE’S SPOKES: Place the rubber block on the tread of the tire and loop the bright yellow strap through the wheel spokes. The Trac-Grabber should be placed on the vehicle’s drive wheels — on four-wheel drive vehicles they can be strapped to all four.

Step 3: Tighten the Strap

STEP 3: TIGHTEN THE STRAP: Pull the strap through the metal hooks and yank it tight. This will keep the rubber block secure on the tire for maximum traction.

Step 4: Drive Out

STEP 4: DRIVE OUT: Ease into the accelerator pedal to help the Trac-Grabber claw into solid ground. It may help to put the vehicle into reverse and then drive several times to clear a path through snow and ice.

Test result: The Trac-Grabber is recommended by Trucks.com

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